Friday, July 4, 2014

Wonder Wash

In an attempt to reduce social stress I've purchased a portable electric washing machine.  It's not here.  Yet.  Soon.  Here is a picture of what I bought:

Very soon I'll be able to soak and wash my delicate thingies in their very own device.  In between I'll be doing three or four shirts that Aldo has aggressively pooped on, and carefully watching the other three or four shirts that I have against shredding.

Not that I expect the portable washing machine to shred my shirts.  Oh, no.  See that honor goes to Mr. Sidney the Cockatoo, aka Sidney.  Aldo aggressively poos to show me she's very upset with me for spending so much time with the cockatoo. In the mean time Sidney lovingly chews on my shirts as a way of solidifying our flockness.  Somehow our flock strength grows when he can sneak up behind me and chew on my shirts.  When I have time I'll post a pic or two of shirts that have been Sidney shredded.  This, my friends, is the life of a parront.

Vocabulary time!
Parront: Human parent to a fid.
Fid: feathered kid.

The way I figure it the Wonder wash is a wonderful device to start me on my path to small living.  Though I do have to admit to something here: this is not the portable washing machine I wanted to get.  I cheaped out.  In some respects I'm still struggling with the idea of small living.

Here is a video of the machine I really wanted to get, but couldn't find available in my area.  I think the boxy look makes me feel a little more secure.  Or is it the Nomadic Fanatic's narration?  Hmmm . . .

One thing, though: he uses too much laundry soap.  But then, most people do.  

"Cute" is Overrated

I watch planning videos to relax.  Seriously.  I like seeing all the little and weird ways people organize their lives.  I find it mind numbing and soothing. (Please don't judge me.)  Two things;

1. I can't keep a complicated planner.  The planner becomes high maintenance.  When I start feeling like it's become a clingy kid I abandon the thing.  (That doesn't bode well for my imaginary children.)  

2. I have yet to watch a planner video in which the person talking didn't use the word cute.  Both men and women use this word.  Sometimes derogatorily.  It's like a secret code.  Such as washi tape.  And GTD.  

Here's a prime example of the word 'cute' in action:


Washi Tape = Pretty Tape.  It's masking tape with designs on it.  The concept/design originated in Japan.  I have full on rants about washi tape.  Wait.  You'll see.

GTD = Get Things Done.  It's an organization system by David Allen.  Love that guy, but don't know if I agree with half of what he says.  

Ah, Damn!

Long story short I've spent this last week re-working my budget.  There was weeping.  End result I CAN afford to get a new bed and I CAN afford to buy the portable electric washing machine IF I give up buying art supplies for 3 months and the power-twin combine of Netflix and Hulu.  Yay!  Wait.  Was that a win?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Testing the Waters

Spending the day watching videos on home loans, interest and such.  Starting here:

This is spurred by the Bates Ave address getting an update online.  Essentially someone got smart and added a picture to what the place actually looks like!

I also discovered that this place is just blocks from where I used to live BEFORE my current home.  So I already know the neighborhood.  (I think.)  I haven't actually been able to find my old street on google maps.  The neighborhood has been gentrified a little, but I doubt the old home was torn down.

The other part spurring the renewed interest is the nice little shack already on the land.  I doubt it's live-in ready.  But then I've half convinced myself that craigslist will be my friend.  Truthfully, the shack most likely has to be torn down.  

Aren't dreams grand???  :)

Keep telling myself to just remember it is a dream and only that.  Someday, though.  Someday.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Micro Winery

I'm not sure I would use my mini-home for a winery.  Cheese maybe.  Definitely cheese.  I could see getting a few goats and learning to make a great goat cheese.  Maybe a wine cheese like Drunken Goat.  I loooove this cheese.  Can't afford it often.  Maybe, someday.

In my loving on the videos of mini homes I came across this of the man who made a mini home, a winery, his mother in law's home, and taught his son how to build his own.  It's a nice video to watch.  Enjoy!

Friday, June 20, 2014

I Am Not Alone!

First, this Etsy image by aimeeferre

On a quick trip around the web I found this post by ROUGHDAYONTHEBEACH.  Guess what???  I'm not alone!!!!  Aaaaand: this person is as nuts as I am about foods!!!  So, quoting here:

"This dream is rather young. About an hour and a half young, born this afternoon when we took our first batch of homemade bagels out of the oven. The dream grew roots when shortly thereafter we made a jalapeno popper dip. I hadn't intended for the bagels and dip to go with each other. They were both recipes that were introduced to me this week that I simply wanted to try. But when Robin walked around one corner gnawing on a bagel and I rounded the other corner testing the jalapeno dip, we collided and this creation simutaneously combusted. So did my dream. OK, well I stole that visual from the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup commercial, but this combo is equally as good. (Oh that reminds me - their Easter eggs should be out soon! Yay!)"

I love it!

The other post that had me laughing is this one: (Hint: it's a dream!)  

"Then, as I sat there, he researched all his books like a mad man. No google in this dream, I guess. Finally he was calm and composed and said very quietly that I have "Rolling Eye Syndrome". But given my love for the booze, he'd be unable to prescribe anything for me. He went on to say that maybe if Robin wanted, he'd be able to give her a lil sumpin sumpin for her nerves. Well, that hardly seems fair. WTH??!! If I have the syndrome, I should get the drugs."

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I have been playing Minecraft for more than 6 months.  Love the survival island skill sets - and use them all the time on super flat seed # -343522682. I am completely and absolutely sure that this more than qualifies me to build my own home shiny new from scratch.

Here's a Minecraft sunrise to enjoy!
 I mean so what if I'm constantly dipping into creative mode.  And that I could respawn every time I die.  (I could.  I just can't bring myself to do so.)  And so what if I'm on rendition # 34 of this seed.  I've got skills!!!!  Working in Minecraft just proves it!

Sure, I forget to do the dishes half the time, I can't take care of my own lawn, and my bedroom is a consummate mess.  Not a problem.  My time in Minecraft proves I have dedication and perseverance against zombies, skeleton things, slime balls, mini-zombies and NPC villagers.  Not to mention the spiders.

And if anything goes wrong in my shiny new hand built home all I have to do is hit the reset button, right?  Right?  Heck, someone should certify me as ready.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Am In Love!

I am in love with this lot of land up for $6k.

The description reads: 2710 W Bates Ave Vacant Lot is land-locked; only access through north portion of Lot 37. See 2710 W Bates Ave MLS#2474788 for ILC survey on the MLS doc site.  Address is approximate.  

I have this ambitious idea that if I buy the land and contact Lowes to purchase their Arlington Storage Shed.  

Oh, didn't know this was a storage shed, did you?

The rest - such as flooring, insulation, working plumbing, shelves and other cabinetry, can all be found on craigslist for FREE!  I will assemble all together myself.  And it will be perfect!  Afterwards I will meet the man of my dreams and live happily ever after.  

It's a complete and total romance, and an utterly ambitious idea.  As out of reach as buying a home for $5 million dollars.  (You can admit you read that in Dr. Evil's voice.  :)  )  Ah . . . but I do love my romances!

(Is nobody else bothered by the 'address is approximate?')