Friday, July 4, 2014

"Cute" is Overrated

I watch planning videos to relax.  Seriously.  I like seeing all the little and weird ways people organize their lives.  I find it mind numbing and soothing. (Please don't judge me.)  Two things;

1. I can't keep a complicated planner.  The planner becomes high maintenance.  When I start feeling like it's become a clingy kid I abandon the thing.  (That doesn't bode well for my imaginary children.)  

2. I have yet to watch a planner video in which the person talking didn't use the word cute.  Both men and women use this word.  Sometimes derogatorily.  It's like a secret code.  Such as washi tape.  And GTD.  

Here's a prime example of the word 'cute' in action:


Washi Tape = Pretty Tape.  It's masking tape with designs on it.  The concept/design originated in Japan.  I have full on rants about washi tape.  Wait.  You'll see.

GTD = Get Things Done.  It's an organization system by David Allen.  Love that guy, but don't know if I agree with half of what he says.  

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