Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Testing the Waters

Spending the day watching videos on home loans, interest and such.  Starting here:

This is spurred by the Bates Ave address getting an update online.  Essentially someone got smart and added a picture to what the place actually looks like!

I also discovered that this place is just blocks from where I used to live BEFORE my current home.  So I already know the neighborhood.  (I think.)  I haven't actually been able to find my old street on google maps.  The neighborhood has been gentrified a little, but I doubt the old home was torn down.

The other part spurring the renewed interest is the nice little shack already on the land.  I doubt it's live-in ready.  But then I've half convinced myself that craigslist will be my friend.  Truthfully, the shack most likely has to be torn down.  

Aren't dreams grand???  :)

Keep telling myself to just remember it is a dream and only that.  Someday, though.  Someday.

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