Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I have been playing Minecraft for more than 6 months.  Love the survival island skill sets - and use them all the time on super flat seed # -343522682. I am completely and absolutely sure that this more than qualifies me to build my own home shiny new from scratch.

Here's a Minecraft sunrise to enjoy!
 I mean so what if I'm constantly dipping into creative mode.  And that I could respawn every time I die.  (I could.  I just can't bring myself to do so.)  And so what if I'm on rendition # 34 of this seed.  I've got skills!!!!  Working in Minecraft just proves it!

Sure, I forget to do the dishes half the time, I can't take care of my own lawn, and my bedroom is a consummate mess.  Not a problem.  My time in Minecraft proves I have dedication and perseverance against zombies, skeleton things, slime balls, mini-zombies and NPC villagers.  Not to mention the spiders.

And if anything goes wrong in my shiny new hand built home all I have to do is hit the reset button, right?  Right?  Heck, someone should certify me as ready.

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