Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Am In Love!

I am in love with this lot of land up for $6k.

The description reads: 2710 W Bates Ave Vacant Lot is land-locked; only access through north portion of Lot 37. See 2710 W Bates Ave MLS#2474788 for ILC survey on the MLS doc site.  Address is approximate.  

I have this ambitious idea that if I buy the land and contact Lowes to purchase their Arlington Storage Shed.  

Oh, didn't know this was a storage shed, did you?

The rest - such as flooring, insulation, working plumbing, shelves and other cabinetry, can all be found on craigslist for FREE!  I will assemble all together myself.  And it will be perfect!  Afterwards I will meet the man of my dreams and live happily ever after.  

It's a complete and total romance, and an utterly ambitious idea.  As out of reach as buying a home for $5 million dollars.  (You can admit you read that in Dr. Evil's voice.  :)  )  Ah . . . but I do love my romances!

(Is nobody else bothered by the 'address is approximate?')

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